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Kilimanjaro under-50s Summit 2015

Family Kilimanjaro The minimum age to summit, or attempt to summit Kilimanjaro, is 10-years, and I was interested in challenging my son Scott with an attempt on Kili in 2013 when he was ten years-old, but his mother, wisely or unwisely, demurred, and the expedition was deferred until my next climb, which was schedule for

Serengeti Shall Not Die

When I finally boarded an aircraft at PDX after grappling for almost a week with flight delays and diversions, thanks to the European volcanic ash saga, I had under my arm a companion book that I thought was quite appropriate for this journey. In the late 1950s Bernhard Grzimek, a German biologist, conservation zealot and

History of the amaNdebele

An introduction to the History of the amaNdebele This entry is part 1 of 20 in the series History of the amaNdebele Download article as PDF This entry is part 1 of 20 in the series History of the amaNdebeleOf the many great events of pre-colonial history in Southern Africa, perhaps the most dramatic has