Author: Peter Baxter

Kilimanjaro under-50s Summit 2015

Family Kilimanjaro The minimum age to summit, or attempt to summit Kilimanjaro, is 10-years, and I was interested in challenging my son Scott with an attempt on Kili in 2013 when he was ten years-old, but his mother, wisely or unwisely, demurred, and the expedition was deferred until my next climb, which was schedule for

Fly Fishing in South Africa

It usually comes as quite a surprise to many European and North American fly anglers to learn that a strong and long standing tradition of fly fishing exists in South Africa. In fact both Kenya and Zimbabwe also offer modest fly fishing options – each of which being a little bit of a hangover from

Biological Warfare in Rhodesia

This is an excerpt from Rhodesia: Last Outpost of the British Empire. Article by Jeremy Brickhill highlighting the matter in more detail. On the battlefield, meanwhile, the intensity of reprisal and counter-reprisal grew, and as manpower shortages in the armed services became critical, any and every type of force multiplier was considered. The Selous Scouts

Mau Mau: The Legacy of an African Rebellion

The Africa@War series Volume 7 offers and introduction to Mau Mau and will be available in mid-2012. In 1952 violence broke out in the British colony of Kenya, setting in motion what would be arguably the first of the modern African liberation struggles. The characteristics of the Mau Mau Rebellion were very different from later


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A brief history of Rhodesia

The colony of Rhodesia was born on 13 September 1890 with the arrival in the vicinity of present day Harare, then Fort Salisbury, of some 500 hand-picked volunteers who made up the British South Africa Company Pioneer Column. This represented the culmination of several years of political manoeuvre and capital adventure in the great game