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Tenahead Lodge – A little too remote for comfort

Rating: Separating the South African Eastern Cape settlements of Rhodes and Maclear is a three thousand meter plus escarpment falling away from the southern rump of Lesotho, and the Southern Drakensberg. A road exists between the two settlements, mounting the escarpment at a point known as Naude’s Pass at an altitude slightly higher than 3000m. […]

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Eastern Cape Evening

Small Stream Fishing on the the Bushman’s River

This entry is part 5 of 11 in the series Getting the Reels in Motion - Fly Fish Africa 2013

This entry is part 5 of 11 in the series Getting the Reels in Motion – Fly Fish Africa 2013After spending a week or so at the coast to take refuge from a wave of turbulent weather that washed over the sub-continent towards the end of January, and after taking care of a little bit […]

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Giants Castle, Drakensberg uKhahlamba Park

The Drakensberg uKhahlamba National Park comprises a number of individual conservation areas that collectively embrace the Drakensberg Escarpment under state protection as areas of supreme natural beauty, a fact which also exists under the purview of the United Nations as an International Heritage site. Giant’s Castle is not regarded as the most outstanding of the […]

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Amazian River Lodge, Underberg

Rating: The Umzimkulu River begins its journey in the highlands of the Drakensberg, reaching the ocean near Port Shepstone. In between it meanders through the hills and foothills of the Berg, a soft landscape of picturesque farms, grass clad hills and occasional copses of woodland. In the distance the ramparts of the Drakensberg Escarpment diminish […]

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Giant’s Castle Reserve Drakensberg

Giant’s Castle Game Reserve Continuing on with the theme of gracious accommodation and civilized pursuits, I am returning to the Drakensberg, and this time to Giants Castle Game Reserve. As with the Royal Natal National Park, and Cathedral Peak, the dominant themes here are walking, climbing and horse riding, with the usual emphasis on bird-watching […]

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Drakensberg Cathedral Peak

As with the Royal Natal National Park, the area of Cathedral Peak is dominated by the Drakensberg escarpment, and similarly offers the two distinct walking zones of hill country above, and ridges and gullies below. Cathedral Peak is also the first realistic point of descent from the escarpment after Mont aux Sources, for although there […]

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The Royal Natal National Park South Africa

The Drakensberg Mountains, or uKhahlamba (Barrier or Spears) in Zulu, is a place of profound practical and symbolic importance to South Africa. It is the central watershed that gives rise to the three iconic rivers of the Vaal, the Tugela and the Orange; it is the physical landmark that split the Bantu Migration into the […]

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