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The Hidden Journeys Project – Travel Africa By Air

Royal Geographical Society’s Hidden Journeys Project The Royal Geographical Society is a highly august institution founded in 1830 by the learned gentlemen of London as a debating and dining society, but also to promote geographic awareness and to provide some intellectual and financial impetus to the exploration of a world that, although broadly speaking mapped […]

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The last stand of the African white rhino

The preamble for NgoNyama Lodge just outside Krugersdorp in South Africa lists white rhino among the species likely to be seen on a visit to this, one of an extensive family of private game reserves in South Africa. The last surviving adult white rhino on NgoNyama Reserve, however, was recently darted from the air in […]

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A Damsel Fly and a Stick Insect

A damsel fly and a stick insect, strange encounters in the Grumeti African stick insects come in all shapes and sizes. At night the lamps and light fixtures are seething with life, among which the stick insects compete with preying mantis and many others. This one was unique though. It measured about 7 inches from […]

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The Tamarind Tree

This morning I was attracted to a particularly robust and handsome tree situated in an expanse of grassland not too far from the river bank. What caught my eye first was the red flash of a woodpecker’s crest as it dove into the deep cover of a fine and dense canopy. As I investigated furtherĀ I […]

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