Peter Baxter – Author

Name: Peter Baxter
DOB: 4/12/1962
Occupation: Author
Current Residence: Silverton, Oregon
Email: info@deigneconomic.comt
Tel: (1) 503 481 1350

Travel/Writing Experience: I became involved in the African travel industry through a long standing interest in mountaineering and African highland habitats. My first base of operations was the Chimanimani Mountains, which remains my first love of all African wilderness areas. I guided the Chimanimani Mountains consistently, although not exclusively, throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. In addition I have guided expeditions to the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mount Kenya in Kenya.

Over the years I have also done a great many overland journeys covering most of east and southern Africa, with occaision specialist birding and wildlife tours to specific areas. These have included Serengeti and the Grumeti Reserve in Tanzania, Gorongoza in Mozambique and a variety of location in Zimbabwe, where most of my formative and adult years have been spent.

Writing and research: I grew up during the Zimbabwe Rhodesia Bush War and was infused with an interest in African war history and history in general. Toward sthe end of the 1990s I began to apply a lifetime of reading and research on the subject into writing, and have since published several books on African history and war history with several more in the pipeline.

Areas of Specialty:

  • African Tropical Highlands/Mountains
  • African Modern & Imperial History
  • African War History
  • History General
  • Politics African/General
  • Birding
  • Wildlife
  • Long Range/Overland

What I Can Offer You?

Escorted Travel:  have written widely on subjects of African Travel, History and Warfare, and in the case of my Africa@War Series, undertaking original research and writing and compiling books with a view to commercial sale. I work with Publishers both in South Africa and United Kingdom, bringing to the business of creating books a fluid and engaging writing style in combination with proven research skills. I have a diversity of interests and a wide general knowledge which helps immeasurable in the plotting of research and the contextual placing of issues in a wider framework. Any work undertaken by me is thoughtfully presented, well researched, technically excellent and punctually deliverer. References are available on request. Please feel free to browse my website.

Specialist Contacts: My contacts within the publishing industry in Southern and East Africa offers me access to a great many writers and historians as well and more general experts for inclusion in any specific history or war history trip