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Arumeru River Lodge – A Tanzanian Oasis

One thing that Tanzania is noted for is the concept of luxury lodges, tented camps and private hospitality establishments that are scattered throughout the country in a number of different environments and situations. The big hotel chains and more high profile establishments obviously dominate the industry, but discreet, secluded and quite often privately owned establishments […]

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Fly Fishing in Sri Lanka

I am not sure exactly what put the notion of trout and Sri Lanka in my mind. I found myself in this country only to try and untangle an ugly Indian visa application nightmare, but I suppose as a fly fisherman, and since I had to be be in the country anyway, and of course […]

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Al Shabaab

Kenya and the Case for Tanzania

The recent Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya (September 2013) has tended to highlight insecurity in that country. The current situation owes its roots to the ongoing insecurity in Somalia, a situation that has its origins in the 1991 coup against General Mohammed Siad Barre, which set in motion and interlocking phase of warfare, warlordism […]

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Fly Fishing in the Smokey Mountains National Park

From the Super 8 Motel astride the junction of the I-40 and I-75 the prospects did not seem superb – although the weather at least was promising. A low swelling upon the south horizon, barely discernible behind a deep spring haze, indicated the Appalachians close to their southern extremity, and the Great Smokey Mountains National […]

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The central focus of Islamic East Africa has always been Zanzibar Island This was the latter day seat of the Sultans of Oman, and for centuries the main entrépot for the vast inland reach of the Indian Ocean Slave Trade. Trade has in fact been the lifeblood of Zanzibar since the earliest days of settlement. […]

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Ngorongoro Crater Reserve

The Ngorongoro Crater is one of the great natural features of the globe, and one of the jewels in the crown of African wildlife destinations. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area itself is much larger than just the Crater, and includes the north bank of Lake Eyasi and the southern boundary of the Serengeti Plains. It is […]

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