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Spioenkop Battlesite South Africa

Spioenkop (lookout, or spy hill), or SpionkopĀ  as it is frequently, but incorrectly spelled, is another of the better known battlesites that litter the South African Battlefield Route. It is locatedĀ  about 20 miles southeast of Ladysmith, and was fought as part of the British attempts to break the Siege of Ladysmith that took place […]

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Isandlwana Lodge

Rating: Overlooking the iconic Isandlwana Battlefield, arguably the most recognizable feature on the KwaZulu/Natal Battlefield Route sits Isandlwana Lodge, a four star hospitality establishment reflecting all the by now well established traditions of the South African, and in fact African, wilderness lodge network. As might be expected Isandlwana Lodge is themed around the local Zulu […]

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The Battles of Isandlwana and Blood River, South African Military Heritage Sites

Two of the most impactful and symbolic battle sites in southern Africa are Isandlwana and Blood River, both of which involved the powerful and highly militaristic Zulu, against the British and the Boer respectively. The first battle took place on January 22 1879, and the second on 16 December 1838. During Blood River a force […]

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