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Zimbabwe History & Heritage Tour 2016

October 27, 2015

Download article as PDF Details and Prices In August 2016, after years of thinking about it, I will be launching my Zimbabwe History and Heritage itinerary. This trip will be personally guided by myself, utilizing a few colleagues and local experts, and will emphasize the unique history of Zimbabwe, details of which are all over this website. For those that do not know me, I am the author of the current definitive History of Rhodesia, which is the pre-independence history of Zimbabwe, as well as a handful of other books related to the history and militaria of Zimbabwe. I will be assisted on this trip by Rob Burrett, and eminent Zimbabwean historian and author, Propser Rusike and Philip Chatikobo, both […]

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A Brief Background to Joseph Kony and the Lords Resistance Army

July 13, 2015
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Download article as PDF Introduction The Lord’s Resistance Army appeared on the conflict landscape of Central Africa at the dawn of perhaps one of the bleakest period of post independence African history, the 1980/90s. This was the era of Afro-pessimism, during which the proliferation of war and crisis in Africa appeared simply overwhelming. It was during this period that the continent began to feel the full weight of the AIDS crisis, which was exacerbated by economic stagnation, continent wide corruption, poor governance, the highest levels of unemployment since decolonization and apparently unsolvable conflicts in regions as diverse as Ethiopia, Mozambique, Angola, Western Sahara, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, and of course that region of perennial instability, the Great Lakes region of […]

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US Intervention Somalia 1992/3 and The Battle of Mogadishu

May 22, 2015
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Download article as PDF Introduction In character, the Isa [a Somali clan] are childish and docile, cunning, and deficient in judgment, kind and fickle, good-humoured and irascible, warm-hearted, and infamous for cruelty and treachery – Sir Richard Burton First Footsteps in Africa There is an ancient and oft quoted Somali saying that in many ways sums up the outside perception of Somalia, a race that appears unchangeably wedded to warfare and internal conflict. ‘Me and my clan against my nation. Me and my family against the clan. Me and my brother against the family. Me against my brother’. Somalia crept into the general global consciousness during the early 1990s as yet another distant and incomprehensible bout of African warfare began […]

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The History of Boko Haram

May 6, 2015
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Download article as PDF The Historic Social Divide in Nigeria Colonial Nigeria The modern state of Nigeria, as it is recognizable today, came into being in 1914, with the creation of the British Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria. This was the defining moment when the vaunted British theory of Indirect Rule found practical expression, and the point at which the idealism of a handful of enlightened British colonial civil servants was put to the test. The early evolution of Nigeria as a British overseas territory had followed a somewhat formularized pattern that by the end of the 19th century had been established in the wider empire, but perhaps most particularly in Africa. In the British African context there existed fundamentally […]

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Book Review of the Rhodesia Regiment History by Brigadier (retd) G. de V.W. Hayes CBE

January 7, 2015
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Download article as PDF RHODESIA REGIMENT 1899–1981 by Peter Baxter, Hugh Bomford, Gerry van Tonder Rhodesia Regiment 1899–1981 is a wonderfully written and marvelously illustrated history of that famous colonial unit, The Royal Rhodesia Regiment. From its origins in 1899, to protect the frontiers of Southern Rhodesia against Boer invasion, to final disbandment in 1981, following independence and the creation of Zimbabwe, the story of the Regiment is told in fascinating and meticulous detail.Any military historian will find it an invaluable source of material especially on the prolonged period of the Rhodesian Bush War (1964–1979), about which surprisingly little is widely known or documented. The Rhodesia Regiment’s association with the Green Jackets, specifically the Kings Royal Rifle Corps (KRRC), resulted […]

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Battle of Mavonde – The Liberation version of Operation Miracle

December 27, 2014
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Download article as PDF First published in the Patriot in September 18, 2014, composed by Booker Tichazvipedza (this version was pirated). A version of the Operation Miracle, known in liberation circles as the Battle of Mavonde.  Part I THE Mavonde/Monte Cassino battle pitting a supposedly superior white Rhodesian Airforce against a crack ZANLA artillery unit was a duel fought during the Lancaster House talks in London in September, 1979 where the Rhodesians intended to weaken the Patriotic Front’s ZANU and ZAPU bargaining power at the talks. The Rhodesians suffered a heavy defeat at Mavonde/Monte Cassino and the British government summoned the Rhodesian Army General, Peter Walls, to London where he was reminded that he was not going to win the […]

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