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Elephants of the Grumeti Wildlife Reserve

The Grumeti Wildlife Reserve of Northern Tanzania is not one of the most concentrated game area in the region, and certainly you will not see the vigorous populations of antelope and other African wildlife associated with the nearby Serengeti National Park. However you never know when you will run into a delightful surprise. This happened […]

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Birding in the Grumeti Wildlife Reserve, Tanzania

The Grumeti Wildlife Reserve in Northern Tanzania is one of the buffer zones associated with the Serengeti National Park. In a nutshell the Serengeti/Mara Ecosystem comprises the range of the great wildebeest migration. This exceeds the range of the Serengeti National Park itself, and in fact overspills into ostensibly populated areas. By way of a compromise […]

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Fire on the veld…

I recall one night sitting on the stoep and supping a beer with a friend as we gazed at a fire raging across the flanks of the Chimanimani Mountains. The fire was burning some distance away, but the scene was nonetheless extremely dramatic. ‘Fires always look worse at night.’ I remarked to my friend, Doof […]

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Serengeti Shall Not Die

When I finally boarded an aircraft at PDX after grappling for almost a week with flight delays and diversions, thanks to the European volcanic ash saga, I had under my arm a companion book that I thought was quite appropriate for this journey.  In the late 1950s Bernhard Grzimek, a German biologist, conservation zealot and […]

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Chimanimani under pressure

If a certain weariness has come to characterize the global response to the African crisis it is not without some justification There are indeed times when crisis seems to be the one denominator that is common to the whole region, and so, when another incidence is added to the lengthy list, especially one with merely […]

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