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Sustainable Travel In Africa and what it really means

Sustainable Travel is more than a simple effort to ensure that activities and facilities are conceived and constructed in a manner that limits environmental impact. Of course this is important, and is a basic prerequisite for acceptable standards of sustainability, but far more important are the conservation  aspects of eco tourism as a travel concept; […]

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Grumeti Reserve and Tanzanian Eco Travel

A comment in sums up very well the new conservation culture here in the Grumeti Wildlife Reserve of Tanzania, and indeed in many other places in the more travelled zones of Africa. In an article entitled Land of Opportunity, writer Caroline Phillips remarked that: ‘The new luxury in Africa is less about sublime lodges […]

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The Tamarind Tree

This morning I was attracted to a particularly robust and handsome tree situated in an expanse of grassland not too far from the river bank. What caught my eye first was the red flash of a woodpecker’s crest as it dove into the deep cover of a fine and dense canopy. As I investigated further I […]

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An Evening with the Zebra

A short cycle of seasons    The fire season in the Grumeti Wildlife Reserve of the Serengeti experiences a very rapid transition from wet to dry season. This is because of the fact that on the equator in Africa two distinct wet seasons take place. These are the Long Rains, from which we have just emerged, […]

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Fire on the bushveld

This guy had been hanging around alone for a while. Weak specimens rarely last long on the veld  The acacia woodland of the northern Serengeti National Park and the Grumeti and Ikorongo Wildlife Reserves are very prone to fire and experience perhaps a 50 to 60 percent annual burn. In East Africa the seasons change […]

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Elephants of the Grumeti Wildlife Reserve

The Grumeti Wildlife Reserve of Northern Tanzania is not one of the most concentrated game area in the region, and certainly you will not see the vigorous populations of antelope and other African wildlife associated with the nearby Serengeti National Park. However you never know when you will run into a delightful surprise. This happened […]

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Birding in the Grumeti Wildlife Reserve, Tanzania

The Grumeti Wildlife Reserve in Northern Tanzania is one of the buffer zones associated with the Serengeti National Park. In a nutshell the Serengeti/Mara Ecosystem comprises the range of the great wildebeest migration. This exceeds the range of the Serengeti National Park itself, and in fact overspills into ostensibly populated areas. By way of a compromise […]

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