Peter Baxter – A Brief Resume

Peter Baxter: Author & African Travel Guide

Occupation: Author/Speaker/Storyteller/Travel Guide
Current Residence: Silverton, Oregon
Tel: (1) 503 481 135

Public Speaking & Story Telling: As an established and commercially published writer and author in the popular history genre, and as an accomplished public speaker, I am available for after dinner speaking, cruise and expedition presentations and lecturing. My core subjects are African Imperial History and African Military History, but my interest extends to all aspects of modern African history, including the revolutionary period and the post liberation histories of most African countries. I have a lucid and engaging narrative style, combining accurate and interpretive history with the traditions of storytelling.

Travel/Guiding Experience: I became involved in the African travel industry through a long standing interest in mountaineering and African highland habitats. My first base of operations was the Chimanimani Mountains, which remains my first love of all African wilderness areas. I guided the Chimanimani Mountains consistently, although not exclusively, throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. In addition I have guided expeditions to the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mount Kenya in Kenya. I have been a guest lecturer on both MS Expedition West Africa Cruises, and in recent years have begin to specialize in over-50s summits of Kilimanjaro, and boomer travel in Africa in general.

Over the years I have also done a great many overland journeys covering most of east and southern Africa, with occasional specialist birding and wildlife tours to specific areas. These have included Serengeti and the Grumeti Reserve in Tanzania, Gorongoza in Mozambique and a variety of location in Zimbabwe, where most of my formative and adult years have been spent.

Writing and research: I grew up during the Zimbabwe Rhodesia Bush War and was infused with an interest in African war history and history in general. Towards the end of the 1990s I began to apply a lifetime of reading and research on the subject into writing, and have since published several books on African history and war history with several more in the pipeline.

Areas of Specialty:

  • African Tropical Highlands/Mountains
  • African Modern & Imperial History
  • African War History
  • Birding
  • Wildlife
  • Long Range/Overland

What I Can Offer You?

Writing & Storytelling: An additional advantage of making use of my services is the extent to which I am able, through my writing and a very wide readership of my blog, to publish and disseminate facts and information pertaining to your company and individual. I am widely known in the industry, in particular among those with a specific interest in African history, which would add significant gravitas to your repertoire of tours. I am able to conduct specific lectures on key subjects of African history, but also to discourse widely on a variety of themes. My writing style in popular and engaging, and so as a consequence is my personal delivery of the mythology, lore and anecdotal history of Africa. I am a storyteller in the grand tradition and guarantee that my presence on any of your trips will justify the premium.

Escorted Travel: My interest is in limited, personalized and escorted African travel for small groups of older and more cerebral travelers paying a premium for a highly individualized service.  My area of most detailed knowledge is Southern Africa, most specifically Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and Botswana. I am available to conduct tours anywhere in the region. Under normal circumstances I would be willing to meet with and discuss that practicalities of travel with a group, arrive at their destination beforehand, meet them upon arrival and expedite every aspect of their trip. In the meanwhile I will act as a host, available at all times to share my general knowledge and expertise, while making my specific areas of knowledge for those that would have joined a journey with a view to acquiring a greater depth of knowledge in both general and specific terms.

Supplementary Expertise: It is customary at all times to make use of local expertise in terms of specific sites and areas of interest. I am, however, available during those interim periods – travel between sites, evening around the campfire etc – to refine what had been learned, analyze, discuss and place in perspective.

Specialist Contacts: My contacts within the publishing industry in Southern and East Africa offers me access to a great many writers and historians as well and more general experts for inclusion in any specific history or war history trip

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