Zimbabwe History & Heritage Tour 2016

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Details and Prices

In August 2016, after years of thinking about it, I will be launching my Zimbabwe History and Heritage itinerary. This trip will be personally guided by myself, utilizing a few colleagues and local experts, and will emphasize the unique history of Zimbabwe, details of which are all over this website.

For those that do not know me, I am the author of the current definitive History of Rhodesia, which is the pre-independence history of Zimbabwe, as well as a handful of other books related to the history and militaria of Zimbabwe. I will be assisted on this trip by Rob Burrett, and eminent Zimbabwean historian and author, Propser Rusike and Philip Chatikobo, both experts in Zimbabwean antiquity, and Steve Edwards, premier field guide, paleontologist and photographic guide.

The object of the trip is to explore the history, politics and heritage of the region alongside the natural history. Among other premier destinations, we will be visiting Musango Island, located in the Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe.

Attached to this post is a detailed PDF of the trip, with destinations and prices included, but in a nutshell, the itinerary has been designed in cooperation with Beth Brewer of Specialist Safaris, a Zim base outfit, linking together the locations of greatest interest in order to build a three dimensional picture of the area of travel.

Liberation Struggle

For those who are not necessarily familiar with the region, Zimbabwe lies in south/central Africa, between South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia. During the 1960s and 1970s it dominated the news as the white minority government of Ian Smith attempted to force the hand of the British government to grant independence to the colony under the terms of white minority rule. This served as a tripwire for the future settlement of the South African question, and ended ultimately in arguably one of the most iconic African wars of liberation.

From this movement emerged Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, who has ensured that Zimbabwe remained in the news through his controversial land seizures, and the steady political isolation that has followed.

For every action there is a reaction, for for every event there is a cause and effect. Understanding how the Zimbabwean drama played out will open your eyes to how the political and social dynamics of Africa work, and much that might have seemed perplexing and irrational in the past will seem clearer and more logical after this trip.

Great Zim

Join me on a two week odyssey through this unique and interesting country, and if you cannot in 2016, please alert friends and family. This is a pioneering enterprise that will open up Africa as a destination with so much more to offer. Africa is a continent with multiple layers of history, and an extraordinary cultural heritage. This will be like no other African trip out there.