Resturant 2, Seabourn Sojourn

A quick note on the Seabourn cuisine. This is not by any means my field, but I am learning as this voyage progresses that it is the food and wine  that most represents the apogee of this experience. There are several restaurants, from the central gallery mid ship, which I confess is a little too formal for me, and which we had dined in only once as part of a formal hosting which is an obligation of my contract, and which incidentally was extremely enjoyable. There is also a stern deck Colonnade where we have settled into the habit of breakfasting, and Restaurant 2, a small, gourmet enclave featuring tasting, rather than full meals, in a gastronomic experience the like of which I have never experienced.

On the 8th of January, we attended an event in Restaurant 2, and the menu was as follows:

  • Malossol Ossetera Caviar, with potato shallot cake and herb salad
  • Foie Gras Torchon, with quince confiture, roasted hazelnuts, hazelnut brioche
  • Puff Pastry Baked Parmesan & Prosciutto Consume with navy beans
  • White Plum Tomato Cappuccino with sun blushed tomatoes
  • Blood Orange and & Campari Sorbet with champagne topping
  • Boiled Lobster Tail with lemon risotto, green asparagus and newburg sauge
  • Chateaubriand, pommes nuef, asparagus ragout, truffle jus
  • Soft Centered Chocolate Ganache Cake with fresh berries and vanilla ice cream
  • Ice Pralines & Warm Amaretti

The affect of all of this on the uncultured palette was rather confusing, but nonetheless extremely interesting, and educational in fact. The meal was presented by Nicholas, a gentleman of notable culture, originally from Port Elizabeth in South Africa, but now located in New Zealand I believe, who himself established an extraordinarily high standard of presentation to compliment an experience that appears to set an entirely new standard every day.

I feel that if I have one complaint so far on this trip, it will be that there appears to be a technology lapse in the staff seem to fail in their receiving my telekinetic signals when in the morning I stir, and in that gorgeous hinterland of sleep and wakefulness, ponder idly that first cup of coffee.