Older Climbers and Mount Kilimanjaro: Five Reasons

Eco Travel Africa is specializing in Kilimanjaro for older climbers, baby-boomers, over fifty and over sixty, for the simple reason that Kilimanjaro is a practical objective for older climbers. There is nothing easy about climbing a 19300ft mountain like Kilimanjaro, but it does help that the technical aspects of the climb are reasonably friendly to older climbers.

For older trekkers Kili is a well established climb destination

In General Kilimanjaro does not present a particularly technical challenge. Even during the conventional summit approaches the climb is not steep. That is not to say there are not difficulties, far from it, it is a difficult mountain to climb, but for older climbers and trekkers, it is at least a comfort to not have the expectation of insurmountable technical approaches that might be impossible to handle. Mount Kilimanjaro is a shallow volcanic cone, and the usual trekking skills of everyday walking or climbing are all that are required – including of course a reasonable level of fitness, a certain amount of determination and will to succeed, without which you will never climb any mountain.

A selection of Kilimanjaro Route Options that suit Older Climbers

The summit of Kilimanjaro can be approached by a number of different routes. As a rule we at Eco Travel Africa tend to work most frequently with the Lemosho Route for a number of good reasons. The main reason is accessibility. The route offers the most gentle access to the higher features of the mountain, with also the longest altitude acclimatisation period which for those of us over fifty is probably the key factor is success or failure. The route can take up eight days, which under normal circumstances is ample to adjust to the extremes of altitude that you will experience at the summit of Kilimanjaro, and during the summit approach.

All of the routes up Kilimanjaro offer their own unique appeal, but we find that the Lemosho Route has the best mix of forest, moorland and high altitude landscape to extract the maximum interest to a thinking climber as we slowly bear down on the summit. Contact us or fill in the contact form on this page for more information

Take your time and get to the top

Mount Kilimanjaro exists in a highland tropical environment, which means that, even at the summit, the days are warm and the trekking conditions generally very pleasant. The ecology of the region is also uniquely interesting, and for those with the time and interest, there is much pleasure to be gained from taking your time to move from one eco zone to another, in particular if you are in the company of a knowledgeable guide such as Peter Baxter or Bob Holdsworth, one of whom accompanies most Eco Travel Africa Kilimanjaro journeys. Taking your time in reaching the summit is key to success, and this is why we market our services to other climbers of our own generation. We know that mixed groups usually have younger climbers eager to prove this chops and to get to the top as quickly as possible. That is not our philosophy. The journey is the destination, and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in an experience unto itself, with the summit as the ultimate experience in a generally superb excursion.

We offer a fully interactive guided service

Guiding standard within the Kilimanjaro climb outfit fraternity are not universally high. There certainly are good guides available locally, but as a rule they tend to be poorly trained and limited in technical knowledge. The high staff to climber ratio is maintained in order to provide employment, and this is done in order to encourage local communities to preserve and protect the mountain habitat in response to its value to them as a revenue generating resource. This is something that we, and every other responsible travel organization in the region, encourage, but it must also be understood that often the quality of personnel is marginal.

Peter Baxter and Bob Holdsworth are both veteran climbers and experienced African travelers. Peter Baxter is a widely known author, and both offer a unique perspective on the climb experience of visiting Tanzania, and East Africa in general, be it historic, ecological or cultural. This adds an extra dimension to your trip that cannot be equaled.

Take an additional East African Safari

One of the most excellent aspects of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is the fact that the mountain is situated in arguably one of the richest and most diverse eco-regions in the world. Two of the most iconic names to consider are Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater Reserve. After a challenging climb up mount Kilimanjaro, nothing can quite compare to a comfortable but thrilling journey through the heart of Africa’s wildlife country.

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