Royal Geographical Society’s Hidden Journeys London to Dar es Salaam Flight

Fly the length of Africa with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)’s Hidden Journeys

 The Hidden Journeys Project aims to enliven the flying experience and transform it into a fascinating exploration of the people, places and environments thousands of metres below by providing inspiring information to air travellers about the parts of the world they fly over (

 The flight path from London to Dar es Salaam explores the fascinating cultures, physical landscapes and current political developments beneath this diverse flight path. This journey takes you across the tiny yet beautiful nation of Luxembourg and the striking landscapes of the Ligurian coast, before crossing the Mediterranean and traversing the length of Africa, eventually flying past Kilimanjaro and landing in the pulsing city of Dar es Salaam.

 From a global financial centre in London to the cradle of humankind deep within Africa’s Rift Valley, explore how the human race has competed for, shaped, and on occasion been overwhelmed by the changing natural world around us on this flight path. The dramatic variations in landscape throughout your journey show the variety of climates and landscapes on Earth, and the diversity of ways we interact with our natural world.