Sinking ferries in the DRC and sinking feelings in Bankok

How not to travel in the DRC

Anyone who ever read anything about the DRC, from the bloodshed and chaos of the 1960 Congo Uprising to the rise and fall of post-modern warlords, from the human rights abuses  of the colonial period to the ongoing environmental and ecological destruction, need only read this article published on the South African Media 24 to get a sense of the value of human and animal existence. In a nutshell a typically overloaded African ferry catches fire and capsizes on the Congo River, prompting a rush to their boast on the part of local fishermen lining the banks. En route to the stricken craft the men clear the route by beating drowning survivors with oars, refusing pleas for help, successfully looting the vessel, or at least part of it, before it sinks beneath the gray water of that iconic river…bizarre! What is wrong with that place?

Saving the rhino Africa style

On a completely different note, it has been distressing over the past few months to read how rapidly the move to extinction of Rhino in that traditional haven, South Africa, has been going ahead. No less in Zimbabwe were rule of law has long since ceased to be a human right. I read this morning of a unique and fiendishly appropriate way of getting to the root of the problem…poisoned horn!