Author: Peter Baxter

The life of Frederick Courtney Selous

Frederick Courtney Selous was one of the more interesting characters of Imperial Africa and one of the great white sons of Africa. Probably the most potent illustration of how Selous impacted the popular British consciousness at the time is the fact that he is the recognised prototype of Ryder Haggard’s popular character Allan Quartermaine of

Serengeti Shall Not Die

When I finally boarded an aircraft at PDX after grappling for almost a week with flight delays and diversions, thanks to the European volcanic ash saga, I had under my arm a companion book that I thought was quite appropriate for this journey. In the late 1950s Bernhard Grzimek, a German biologist, conservation zealot and

History of the amaNdebele

An introduction to the History of the amaNdebele This entry is part 1 of 20 in the series History of the amaNdebele Download article as PDF This entry is part 1 of 20 in the series History of the amaNdebeleOf the many great events of pre-colonial history in Southern Africa, perhaps the most dramatic has