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Rhodesia Bush War 1966 to 1980

Having published quite a number of books pertaining to both African Warfare and Rhodesian History, this offering serves as an entry level overview of the Rhodesian War as one of the last great military episodes in the African liberation period. The Rhodesian Bush War, or the Zimbabwe Liberation Struggle as it was also known, was […]

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The Turning Point Strategy

This entry is part 20 of 20 in the series History of the amaNdebele

1976 also witnessed important political developments that once again put a stranglehold on the various advocates of a total solution in order that a negotiation process neither invited nor wanted by any of the warring factions. This again was a peace process forced upon the protagonists by their sponsors, and this time involved to a […]

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The White Man’s Burden

Your new-caught sullen peoples, Half-devil and half-child – Rudyard Kipling (…yes I know that is Hattie McDaniel & Vivien Leigh  in Gone With The Wind on the left) This is an excerpt of Rhodesia: last Outpost of the British Empire by Peter Baxter. The article it relates to is here Much closer to home was […]

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ZAPU in the Zimbabwe Liberation Struggle

This entry is part 19 of 20 in the series History of the amaNdebele

As the armed wing of ZAPU withdrew to ponder lessons learned, the detained leadership within Rhodesia settled into what seemed likely to be a sustained period of restriction. For Joshua Nkomo the prospect was particularly dreary. Somewhere between the claims of his apologists of untainted zealotry, and his protagonists insistence on his innate corruptibility, lies […]

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The Emergence of the Zimbabwe Liberation Struggle

This entry is part 18 of 20 in the series History of the amaNdebele

The immediate consequence of the split in the nationalist movement was violence on a level hitherto unseen. This was a fight to the death, an equalisation and an unequivocal exposure of the deep ethnic and personal fissures that had lain unseen beneath the surface as the cordial first phase of the struggle came to an […]

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