Rhodesian Bush War

Rhodesia Bush War 1966 to 1980

Having published quite a number of books pertaining to both African Warfare and Rhodesian History, this offering serves as an entry level overview of the Rhodesian War as one of the last great military episodes in the African liberation period. The Rhodesian Bush War, or the Zimbabwe Liberation Struggle as it was also known, was […]

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Rhodesia Regigment

Rhodesia Regiment – A Complete History 1899 to 1981

The definitive history of the Rhodesia Regiment was authored by Peter Baxter as a combined project with the Rhodesia Services Association, including significant contributions from: Hugh Bomford Craig Fourie Tony Fraser Adrian Haggett Gerry van Tonder The book covers the formation and evolution of the Rhodesia Regiment from the earliest days of the settlement of […]

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Somalis US Intervention

Somalis: US Intervention 1992 1994

The end of the Cold War introduced an altered global dynamic. The old bond of East/West patronage in Africa was broken, weakening the first crop of independent revolutionary leadership on the continent who no longer had the support of one or other of the superpowers. With collapse of the Soviet Union, all this changed. The […]

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Rhodesia Last Outpost

Rhodesia, The Last Outpost of the British Empire

>>Purchase this book directly from the Galago Press Site Last Outpost of the British Empire is the story of Rhodesia, the last substantial British imperial possession in Africa, and the closing act of the British Empire itself. It is an examination of the pre-independence history of Zimbabwe that offers a tangible illustration of how and […]

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